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FINDEPOCHNODE - find an occurence of an epochnode in an array of epochnodes

INDEX = ndi.epoch.findepochnode(EPOCHNODE, EPOCHNODEARRAY)

Returns the index of any occurrence(s) of EPOCHNODE in EPOCHNODEARRAY. EPOCHNODE and EPOCHNODEARRAY should be structures of the type returned by ndi.epoch.epochset/EPOCHNODES.

EPOCHNODE should be a single element, and EPOCHNODEARRAY can be an array of epochnode structures.

If any fields of EPOCHNODE are empty or are not present in the structure, then that field is not searched over. Thus, INDEX can be an array of all nodes that match the other criteria. If EPOCHNODE is fully filled, then only exact matches are returned.

Note: at present, the 'epochprobemap' field is not compared.

See also: ndi.epoch.epochset/EPOCHNODES