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NDI Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use NDI to analyze data recorded in any format?

A: Yes. The NDI system includes pieces of code called ndi.daq.reader objects which interpret data recorded with different acquisition devices. Each ndi.daq.reader is specific to a particular device, and ndi.daq.reader objects already exist for devices by several neuroscience software manufacturers.

Q: Can I use NDI if my lab builds our own devices and measuring tools?

A: Yes. You will need to write one piece of code - an ndi.daq.reader object - for each original DAQ system you use. Possibly, you will also need to create an `ndi.daq.metadatareader to read metadata, such as stimulus information for custom stimuli. Once these are created, your data can be read and analyzed with NDI.

Q: Do I need to change the way my lab organizes our data files in order to use NDI?

A: No - the NDI system is able to retrieve data files organized in any way. NDI uses pieces of code called ndi.file.navigator objects to locate data from a recording epoch. Each ndi.file.navigator works within a specific organization system, and you can specify the parameters to cause the file navigator to navigate your lab's system.

Q: Can I use NDI to pool data from multiple labs?

A: Yes. Once each lab has an ndi.daq.system that consists of an ndi.file.navigator that can locate files within its storage system and ndi.daq.reader objects for each their data acquisition systems, NDI can read and analyze datasets from both labs together.