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  TEST_NDI_DAQ_DOCUMENTS - Test the functionality of the storage of DAQ objects using NDI_DOCUMENT and the NDI_SESSION database


   Given a directory, this function tries to create and test the
   following objects and subclasses:
      1) ndi.file.navigator (by calling test_ndi_filenavigator_document)
      2) ndi.daq.reader (by calling test_ndi_daqreader_document)
      3) ndi.daq.system (by calling test_ndi_daqsystem_document)
      4) ndi.time.syncrule (by calling test_ndi_syncrule_document)
      5) ndi.time.syncgraph (by calling test_ndi_syncgraph_document)

   If DIRNAME is not provided, the default directory
   [NDIEXAMPLEEXPERPATH/exp1_eg] is used.