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  [STIM_PRES_DOC,SPIKETIMES] =, stimulus_element_id, parameter_struct_array, ...
     independent_variables, X, R, control, noise, reps, ...)

  Create a mock stimulus presentation document and spike times that approximate the
  responses R as closely as possible (within the stimulus duration bounds).
  If necessary, the time of each stimulus presentation is adjusted to allow a more
  accurate representation of the requested firing rate.

  S is the NDI session that the stimulator is a part of
  STIMULUS_ELEMENT_ID is the id of a mock stimulator element.
  PARAMETER_STRUCT should be a structure that has the base parameters
    that are common to all of the stimuli in the group.
  INDEPENDENT_VARIABLES is a cell array of strings that are the names of the parameters that
    vary in the list of stimuli.
  X is a vector of the values of the INDEPENDENT_VARIABLES. Each column
    should have the value for each entry in INDEPENDENT_VARIABLES. NaN
    can be used to indicate control stimuli (aka blank stimuli).
  R is a vector of the responses to each stimulus. It should have the same
    number of rows as X.
  NOISE is a scalar that indicates how much noise with mean 0 and standard deviation
    equal to the value of R should be added to the stimulus response on each trial.
    0 indicates no noise should be added, 1 indicates that the standard deviation
    of the noise to be added should be 1 * the value of the response, etc.
  REPS is the number of times to repeat each stimulus.

  This function takes additional arguments as NAME/VALUE pairs:

  | Parameter (default)                | Description                                             |
  | stim_duration (2)                  | Duration of each mock stimulus                          |
  | stim_duration_min (0.2)            | Minumum duration of a mock stimulus presentation        |
  |                                    |   (set so that firing rate can be matched)              |
  | interstimulus_interval(3)          | Interstimulus interval                                  |
  | epochid ('mockepoch')              | The name of the stimulator epoch that is created.       |

     stimulator_id = '12345'; % just for the example
     param_struct = struct('spatial_frequency',0.5);
     independent_variable = {'contrast'};
     X = [ 0 ; 0.5 ; 1];
     R = [ 0 ; 2 ; 4]; % spikes/sec
     noise = 0;
     reps = 1;
     stim_pres_doc =,param_struct,independent_variable,X,R,noise,reps);
     disp(['Displaying stimulus parameters']);
     for i=1:size(X,1), stim_pres_doc.document_properties.stimulus_presentation.stimuli(i).parameters, end;