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CLASS ndi.time.timemapping

  NDI.TIME.TIMEMAPPING - class for managing mapping of time across epochs and devices

  Describes mapping from one time base to another. The base class, ndi.time.timemapping, provides
  polynomial mapping, although usually only linear mapping is used.
  The property MAPPING is a vector of length N+1 that describes the coefficients of a
  polynomial such that:

  t_out = mapping(1)*t_in^N + mapping(2)*t_in^(N-1) + ... mapping(N)*t_in + mapping(N+1)

  Usually, one specifies a linear relationship only, with MAPPING = [scale shift] so that

  t_out = scale * t_in + shift




Property Description
mapping mapping parameters; in the ndi.time.timemapping base class, this is a polynomial (see help POLYVAL)


Method Description
map perform a mapping from one time base to another
timemapping ndi.time.timemapping

Methods help

map - perform a mapping from one time base to another


  Perform the mapping described by NDI_TIMEMAPPING_OBJ from one time base to another.

  In the base class ndi.time.timemapping, the mapping is a polynomial.

timemapping - ndi.time.timemapping

NDI_TIMEMAPPING_OBJ = ndi.time.timemapping()
  NDI_TIMEMAPPING_OBJ = ndi.time.timemapping(MAPPING)

  Creates a new ndi.time.timemapping object. In this base class,
  the ndi.time.timemapping object specifies a polynomial mapping
  from one time base to another.

  If the function is called with no input arguments, then
  the trivial mapping MAPPING = [ 1 0 ] is used; this corresponds
  to the polynomial t_out = 1*t_in + 0.

  Typically, the mapping is linear, so that MAPPING = [scale shift].

  See also: POLYVAL

    Documentation for ndi.time.timemapping/timemapping
       doc ndi.time.timemapping