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Learning Matlab

Currently NDI is available only in Matlab. If you are new to Matlab, there are resources to help you learn.

Short tutorials


  2. A very short tutorial Steve made as a TA for Computational Neuroscience in the early 2000s.

  3. MathWorks's own onboarding tutorial.

For people with no coding experience

Some people want to learn to use NDI but do not have coding experience. These resources were suggested by our new users.

Classes and objects

  1. Mo writes: Learn what a class and object is. I was completely stuck in terms of conceptually understanding what was going on in the code before I knew what classes and objects were. I recommend this video from CSdojo on YouTube.

Mo's newbie notes

  1. If you see a function that you don't know, it doesn't hurt to try using the help function in the command window. Just type in the word help followed by whatever you don't understand. For example, suppose I don't understand what gca is. I would type help gca.

  2. You can double click the things saved in the workspace to see their contents.

  3. You can use the editor to write and save code. I used this a lot for just saving all the code from the tutorial on one page.

  4. If you remove the semi-colon at the end of a line, Matlab will print out the properties of the object.

Online courses

  1. Steve's semester-long course Data Analysis and Statistics Workshop is for new or experienced coders. It has 22 self-paced "labs" that are designed to take between 60 - 80 minutes. It is available free to the public.