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  OPENMINDSOBJ2NDI_DOCUMENT - openMinds objects to set of ndi.document objects


  Convert a cell array of openMINDS objects to a set of ndi.document objects.
  D is a cell array of ndi.document objects. If the document is requested to be of a particular
  DEPENDENCY_TYPE ('subject', 'element'), then the corresponding dependency is set to

  Example 1:
    p = personWithTwoAffiliations(); % openMINDS library function
    session_id =; % get the id of an ndi.session S
    d =, session_id);

  Example 2:
    s = openminds.controlledterms.Species('name','Mustela putorius furo','preferredOntologyIdentifier','NCBI:txid9669');
    session_id =; % get the id of an ndi.session S
    subject_docs = S.database_search(ndi.query('','isa','subject'));
    d =, session_id, 'subject', subject_docs{1}.id());