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  NDI_GLOBALS - define global variables for NDI


  Script that defines some global variables for the NDI package

  The following variables are defined:

  Name:                            | Description
  ndi_globals.path.path            | The path of the NDI distribution on this machine.
                                   |   (Initialized by ndi_Init.m)
  ndi_globals.path.commonpath      | The path to the package ndi_common
                                   |   (Initialized by ndi_Init.m)
  ndi_globals.path.documentpath    | The path of the NDI document definitions
                                   |   (Initialized by ndi_Init.m)
  ndi_globals.path. ...            | The path of the NDI document validation schema
     documentschemapath            |   (Initialized by ndi_Init.m)
  ndi_globals.path.exampleexperpath| The path to the NDI example sessions
  ndi_globals.path.preferences     | A path to a directory of preferences files
  ndi_globals.path.filecachepath   | A path where files may be cached (not deleted every time)
  ndi_globals.path.temppath        | The path to a directory that may be used for
                                   |   temporary files (Initialized by ndi_Init.m)
  ndi_globals.path.testpath        | A path to a safe place to run test code
  ndi_globals.path.calcdoc         | A cell array of paths to NDI calculator document definitions
  ndi_globals.path.calcdocschema   | A cell array of paths to NDI calculator document schemas
  ndi_globals.probetype2object     | A structure with fields 'type' and 'classname'
                                   |   that describes the default ndi.probe classname
                                   |   to use to create a probe for a given type.
  ndi_globals.databasehierarchy    | A structure that describes the order in which to
                                   |   attempt to open databases in the session path
  ndi_globals.debug                | A structure with preferences for debugging
  ndi_globals.log                  | An object that manages writing system, error, debugging logs (