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  ndi.setup.daq.system.vhlab - initialize daq systems used by VHLAB

  S = ndi.setup.daq.system.vhlab(S, DEVNAME)

  Creates daq systems that look for files in the VHLAB standard recording
  scheme, where data from different epochs are organized into
  subdirectories (using ndi.file.navigator.epochdir). DEVNAME should be the 
  name a daq systems in the table below. These daq systems are added to the ndi.session
  object S. If DEVNAME is a cell list of strings, then multiple items are added.

  If the function is called with no input arguments, then it returns a list
  of all valid device names.

  Each epoch is defined by the presence of a 'reference.txt' file, as well
  as specific files that are needed by each device as described below.

   Devices created   | Description
  | yangyang_tdt_sev | ndi.daq.system.mfdaq that looks for files        |
  |                  |    '*_Ch1.sev'                                   |

  See also: ndi.file.navigator.epochdir